Ral Steinknacker von den Steinklauen, ehrenwertes Mitglied der Sturmklingen

Ral Steinknacker von den Steinklauen


Discipline: Warrior 9th Circle
Race: Troll
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Height: 250 cm
Weight: 250 kg
Age: unknown
Racial Ability: Heatsight

Dexterity: 19 / 8 / 2d6 (III)
Strength: 19 / 8 / 2d6
Toughness: 22 / 9 / d8d6 (IV)
Perception: 7 / 4 / d6
Willpower: 10 / 5 / d8
Charisma: 11 / 5 / d8 (I)

Death Rating: 119 Unconscious Rating: 94 Wound Treshold: 13 Recoveries: 5
Physical Defence: 11
Spell Defence: 17
Social Defence: 7


1st Circle
Acrobatic Strike: 9
Wood Skin: 9
Air Dance: 9
Unarmed Combat: 9
Melee Weapons: 7
Karma Ritual: 8

2nd Circle
Throwing Weapons: 5
Durability: 9
Anticipate Blow: 9

3rd Circle
Avoid Blow: 8
Tigerspring: 9

4th Circle (karma on willpower)
War Weaving: 6
Down Strike: 9

5th Circle (spell defence +1)
Gliding Strike: 7
Swift Kick: 4

6th Circle (+1 recovery test)
Life Check: 9
Missile Weapons: 4

7th Circle (physical defence +1)
Earth Skin: 9
Second Attack: 9

8th Circle (spell defence +1)
Spirit Strike: 8
Cobra Strike: 9

9th Circle (karma on stength and dexterity)
Cat’s Paw: 4
Missile Twister: 5
2nd Weapon: 5

11th Circle
Vitality: 3

Talent Knacks

Air Skin
Talent: Wood Skin
Rank: 8
When using this knack the Wood Skin itself becomes a little bit transparent and streams of wind are moving over the body, hair and clothes of the adept. For rank in Wood Skin rounds, the weight of the adept (not the equipment) is reduced by 50% giving him a +3 Steps bonus for jumping, climing etc. In addition, ranged weapons need one success level more to hit the adept (e.g. a good success instead of a normal success is required to hit the adept with an arrow). The woodskin talent must be active to use this Knack. It costs 2 points of strain.

Ground Combat
Talent: Unarmed Combat Strain: 1
Karma: No Action: Yes
Rank: 4 Legend Points: 100

If faced with an enemy that is under normal circumstances superior to oneself, it is often helpful to change the initial situation for both fighters. When fighting unarmed the warrior focuses to drag the enemy to the ground and apply a choke-hold so that the enemy can’t use his/her weapon and/or shield. The character rolls an Unarmed Combat test against the physical Defence of the enemy, if successful, the result of the damage roll is the target number for the enemy to try to keep standing and avoid the stranglehold. The talent knack Ground Combat doesn’t afflict damage and the enemy doesn’t count as knocked down, however, as long as the enemy is held in the choke-hold he/she can’t use weapon and/or shield. Additionally, in each subsequent round in the choke-hold, the enemy suffers damage according to the warrior’s rank in Unarmed Combat (rank 8 = 8 points of damage); this damage can’t be mitigated by any armor since it is choke damage. Each round the enemy can try to break free by making a strength test against the effect test of the warrior. The warrior can take no other actions while choking his/her opponent, each round a new test in Unarmed Combat has to be made in order to uphold the choke-hold. Upholding the choke-hold causes 1 point of strain damage per round.

Racial Law Troll: 2 (4 Perception)= 6/d10
Read&Write Language(Dwarven): 1 (
4 Perception)= 5/d8
Speak Language (Troll&Dwarven): 3 (4 Perception)= 7/d12
Air Sailing: 2 (
5 Willpower)= 7/d12
Tattoo: 1 (8 Dexterity)= 9/d8d6
Wound Balance: 3 (
8 Stärke)= 11/d10d8
Heraldry: 2 (4 Perception)= 6/d10
Teaching: 3 (
5 Charisma)= 8/2d6
Military Tactics: 3 (4 Perception)= 7/d12
Etikette: 2 (
5 Charisma)= 7/d12
Riposte: 2 (8 Dexterity)= 10/d10d6
Trap Initiative: 1 (
8 Dexterity)= 9/d8d6
Sailing: 1 (+8 Dexterity)= 9/d8d6

Legendary Status: 3 (+2 on all social interaction tests)

Ligthcrystal middle size, Crystal Viking Shield (3/3/-2), Crystal Plate “Angry Mountain” (13/10/-7), Adventure Pack (Rucksack, Sleeping Bag, Flint, Torches, Water Bag, great Sack, 50 Ellen rope and grappling hook, Cure Poison (1), Cure Disease (1), Healing Pot (1), Sturmklingenkleidung (Dwarven Winter Cloak +4 vs. Kälte), Daily clothing, Combat clothing, Bag protected by Pocket Guardian, Druva, 1 Hawk Hatch, 3 Throwing Daggers

Magic Items
Angry Mountain
Herz des Zorns
Das Horn des Ruhmes
1x Dolch von Cara Fard
Blood Charm vs. Demons 1x (+3 Spell and Physical Defence)
Questor Chains of the Passions


Ral Steinknacker vom Clan der Steinklauen aus den Zwielicht Gipfeln.
Krieger des achten Kreises.

Freund von Skraktung, Tarlon, Vaddar und ehrenvolles Mitglied der Sturmklingen.
Oft zornigen Herzens trägt er das Horn des Ruhmes. Er ist bewaffnet mit Druva (Die Ehre beantspruchen) und Gnadenlos, außerdem ist er im Besitz eines der Dolche von Cara Fahd. Mit sich trägt er Angry Mountain, den von Vaddar hergestellten legendären Kristallplattenpanzer. Quer über seinen Brustkorb ist das Clanwappen der Steinklauen tätowiert, dieses wird von einer langen regenbogenfarbenen Narbe durchkreuzt. Diese Narbe sind die Überreste eines mit Skraktung gemeinsam erfüllten Blutschwurs. Er trägt sein Herz auf der Zunge und hasst Arroganz.

Seine Familie in den Zwielichtgipfel:
Mutter Trami Firehead Steinknacker
Vater Ruck Hammerhead Steinknacker
Vater Torm Longstick Steinknacker
Vater Kenson Cloudsnever Steinknacker
Schwestern Rosa und Alpur

Einige Dinge die er nicht mag: Sklavenhalter, insbesondere Yestor Naval, Invae und Kultisten, schlechtes Bier und Diebe …

Ral Steinknacker von den Steinklauen, ehrenwertes Mitglied der Sturmklingen

Die Sturmklingen Ral